Artificial intelligence is added to Instagram

Meta announces that Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook users will soon receive new features based on artificial intelligence.

The new tools unveiled by Meta at the Meta Connect 2023 conference enable billions of users of these platforms to engage in activities such as image editing and sticker creation, utilizing today’s most popular technologies. These tasks can be performed through text commands to ensure a unified and seamless experience. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

According to Meta’s press statement, AI-powered image editing will be exclusively added to Instagram. On the other hand, users of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger (Meta’s messaging app) can create new stickers using artificial intelligence.

The Instagram AI service includes two important features: image style transfer and background correction. Users can modify the current image by entering text commands with the first feature. For example, you can instruct Meta’s AI to transform the image style into watercolor paintings.

The second new feature on Instagram allows you to change the background of photos through text commands. Meta’s platforms can recognize images created or edited with artificial intelligence to determine whether a new post on Instagram contains a genuine or altered image. Meta is also working on image tagging, both visible and invisible.

Change the background and make stickers with text commands

AI-generated stickers enhance the variety of chats. Users can simply create stickers using text commands. After entering the text command, Meta’s AI generates high-quality and unique stickers within seconds. This capability is based on the large language model called Llama 2.

Users can utilize AI stickers in Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Direct, as well as messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. In the coming month, several English-speaking users will receive the ability to create stickers.

Meta is not the first company to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance the appeal of social media platforms. Last month, Google introduced new AI services for YouTube. One of these features is called Dream Screen, which allows users to change the background of videos in the YouTube Shorts section through text commands.

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