Everything about Thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram

Everything about Thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram

Let’s take a minute to look at the celebrations that happen worldwide.

Iran has its FITR EIT, India has its FESTIVAL OF COLORS, and America and Canada both have Thanksgiving, and this is the main topic of our article today.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated annually in the United States and Canada to thank the harvest and other benefits received over the previous year.

We will tell you all about this memorable holiday, but get one thing straight.

This article aims to link Thanksgiving with hashtags on Instagram to get the best use out of our social media account, and we will see how this celebration can relate to Instagram.

You will read:

  • What is Thanksgiving?
  • What are the best thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram, and how to use them?
  • Tips and tricks on using thanksgiving hashtags.
  • The bottom line.

Now let’s start by diving into the history of Thanksgiving and see what is there to celebrate.

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What is Thanksgiving?

Every year in America and Canada, people celebrate something called thanksgiving dinner.

This celebration takes place in fall, and one of the things that are unclear about this holiday is the exact date that it first took place; some say that it originated in 1621, and it was when a governor invited all of the village and Indians to a dinner event to be thankful for all of the harvest that they had during the past year.

But some say that it originated when JESUS CHRIST held the last supper. You could search for the paintings on the internet and see what we mean by supper.

Anyways most people instead go with the first hypothesis.

In 1863 this day was pinned down as a national holiday that people should celebrate every year, just like Christmas.

The date above is the time that American officials nationalized this holiday. This time for Canada was in 1879 in October, the same as Halloween.

Some traditions are amusing that we would like to tell you.

As many of you are aware, the traditional food of Thanksgiving is turkey with stuffing. Now, following this tradition, there is an absurd one; every year, the United States of America president picks a turkey randomly and pardons it, meaning that the turkey will not be food and will live a long, happy life.

This was a brief history of Thanksgiving dinner. The next chapter refers to thanksgiving hashtags and how to use them properly.

What are the best thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram, and how to use them?

We drifted from the main subject.

The primary concern in this article is to use thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram.

If you are a cook or a stay-at-home mom and you want to share your family or work dinner on social media to get more audience and followers, this article will cover all of the aspects of Thanksgiving and its hashtags on Instagram.

We intend to list some of the well-known hashtags on Instagram to help you level up your Instagram game:















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As you observe, these are some of the popular hashtags for thanksgiving celebrations that you can utilize in your Instagram post and stories.

We will briefly tell you how you can use mentioned hashtags in your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that these instructions are the same on IOS and Android devices.

Hashtags on the main feed

The main feed is where you can see all of the posts that your followings share and vice versa.

When you share a post, you can insert the hashtags that you want and let us tell you how you can do it.

After launching the Instagram app, you will need to generate the content you want by tapping on the plus symbol in the center of the screen.

The next step requires you to put down all of your hashtags in the post’s caption that you are attempting to publish.

Remember that Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, but we recommend using 4-7 hashtags per post.

Hashtags on stories

Usually, Instagram stories have more hits than the feed posts, and lessee how you can add hashtags to this section of the app.

Go on and swipe right in your main feed to get to the story creating a section of the app, then make the story that you desire.

After that, there are two ways that you can go:

  • Use a hashtag sticker on the top part of the screen.
  • Add the hashtags using the text tool and the prefix “#.”

By this point of the article, you are fully aware of thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram and how to use them in any OS.

Thanksgiving hashtags (Tips and tricks)

After learning about some of the most used

hashtags for Thanksgiving on Instagram now, it’s time to discuss some of the tips and rules on using hashtags on Instagram:


One of the most important points when using hashtags is selecting the hashtags representing your content.

For example, if you want to share a picture of your Thanksgiving turkey, you have to use thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram and not follow something irrelevant like tagging “#winter” in a fall post.

Be sensitive

Thanksgiving can be a religious holiday at some point. As we said many times before, we have to respect one another and be sensitive about everyone’s feelings as human beings.

And we might add that you have to avoid some subjects that may be sensitive to any minorities or majorities.

Follow our variant articles about hashtags, so you get to know more about hashtag tips on Instagram.

This is the end of the article. Let’s see what conclusion has to offer us at this point.

The bottom line

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that belongs to Americans and Canadians; on this holiday, families and friends gather around and feast on dinner as one; it represents love and being thankful.

We discussed everything about thanksgiving hashtags on Instagram and how you can use them to get more followers or even a bigger audience.

We are glad that you stayed with us until the last of this article; we hope that you enjoyed this entertaining and informing article as much as we did. If you have any opinions and questions regarding this statement you want to share, comment to us below.

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