Instagram Hashtags: How many should be used?

Instagram Hashtags , as well as its features, have become more accessible in recent years.

Indeed, Instagram has weirdly gained a foothold in people’s lives in recent years, but this is only because of how the platform is designed.

This well-known application includes many functions, which are quite beneficial in performance.

Instagram’s hashtag function is one of those tools that every user should be aware of and utilize.

We recognize that the hashtag is quite crucial in determining what may be extrapolated from the activity on Instagram.

Now, the question you have is as follows:

Will using additional hashtags in Instagram postings assist in increasing the number of people who see them? How many should be used?

In the continuation of this post, we have chosen to speak about it in this respect for the benefit of you, our dear readers, and to establish how many hashtags should be used on each back.

If you are one of the interested persons in this sector, we invite you to join us.

Let’s have a glance at the definition of the hashtag on Instagram:

What is the hashtag?

As you may be aware, and if you are unaware, we will inform you that every Instagram hashtag serves as a keyword that users may use to identify your content.

The symbol is positioned before the subject and transformed into a clickable link.

What is more, the intriguing thing about hashtags is that they make it simpler for people to grasp the content of your post on Instagram.

We believe you now have a general image of the Instagram hashtag in your head. So, what are your thoughts about the place of hashtags?

What is the best place to post hashtags on Instagram?

The subject of where to utilize the hashtag is one that people may find fascinating and might occupy their thoughts.

There are two places in the Instagram posts area where a user may put his or her hashtags:

  • Captions
  • Comments

Each of these scenarios is governed by laws and guidelines, which you can learn more about this article: Is it better to put hashtags in comments or caption 2022?

After all that, it’s time to determine how many hashtags were used in each post.

What is the optimal number of hashtags to use on Instagram (posts, stories, and reels)?

On Instagram, how many hashtags should be used at a time?

A significant debate on social media has centred on one of the most critical topics in the sector of Instagram, which has sparked a great deal of discussion.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on.

Your regular posts or stories might benefit from hashtags to help you determine the subject and relevancy of your postings.

As a result, you must pick your hashtags carefully to classify your posts appropriately and ensure that they are discovered by the appropriate audience – indeed, your target followers.

Note: To properly categorize the posts and stories and then ensure that the right customers discover them, the hashtags should select carefully and with the awareness.

Ok, now we understand that forgive the excellent result in using Instagram professionally should use the correct and effective hashtags.

Returning to the article’s main subject, how many hashtags are enough for posts, stories, and reels?

Do you believe that there is a specific magic formula for Instagram hashtags, based on the explanations provided throughout the article and the significance of hashtags in general?

Is it necessary for us to adhere to rules and regulations while using Instagram hashtags?

You should select your hashtags carefully and consider those pertinent to your subject matter.

Maintain your focus that each hashtag represents a new chance to gain new followers from your target demographic.

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As you know, Instagram includes various features, all of which can be accessed via hashtags, including posts, stories, and reels.


When it comes to the number of hashtags, several criteria apply. Let’s look for more information on this topic together.

·        The number of hashtags on Instagram posts:

In terms of the number of hashtags you use, we suggest utilizing just 30 hashtags in the first comment and caption at a time.

And don’t go any farther than that. Now it is depended on you how to manage them.

Every company and profile is unique, with its own set of marketing objectives, target audiences, tools, and methods.

What works for other producers may not be the best fit for you and the individuals you want to reach, but hashtags are a universally helpful tool. They are a valuable tool for everyone with any profile or company.

·        The number of hashtags on Instagram reels:

As you may be aware, reels are another feature of Instagram that has been more popular in recent years. The number of hashtags used in this feature is the same as the maximum for regular Instagram posts: 30.

In fact, by employing 30 hashtags per reel, you can increase your chances of ranking in the top posts and the search sites for various hashtags and keywords.

·        The number of hashtags on the Instagram story:

Another characteristic of Instagram Story is that it, for some reason, attracts the attention of Instagram users and is quite successful for marketing businesses.

 If we want to speak about the number of hashtags in the story.

we should note that, unlike Instagram posts and reels, the story only includes a maximum of 10 hashtags, with no possibility of adding more.

To successfully improve your traffic, we propose that you choose ten correct and relevant hashtags from a pool of thousands.

In summary,

Through this article, you will learn that Instagram, in addition to giving users the freedom to use the program and truly enjoy it, has also imposed various restrictions on users’ comfort and convenience.

One of them is the number of hashtags used in various parts of Instagram.

Consequently, we propose that you attempt to use 30 specific hashtags on a post,

30 hashtags on reels, and 10 hashtags on a story relating to your issue to obtain the intended outcome.

We hope you find the information in this article beneficial and that you can achieve success in the realm of social media.

FAQs about How many hashtags should be used on Instagram?


·        What is the optimal number of hashtags to use on Instagram posts and reels?

We can state that 30 hashtags can be used in a single post and reels in a single sentence.

·        What is the optimal number of hashtags to use on Instagram stories?

We may summarize and declare that 10 hashtags can be used in a story in a single line.

·        Is it necessary for us to utilize 30 hashtags on an Instagram post?

As previously stated, the maximum number of hashtags used in a single post is 30.

There is no need to use 30 hashtags, and using 20 to 30 relevant (and targeted) hashtags is much more beneficial in increasing your total accessibility and engagement.

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