TikTok unveils monthly subscription service modeled after X

TikTok users can enjoy this social network without any advertisements by paying $4.99 per month. TikTok is considered the world’s most popular social network for sharing and viewing short video content. The platform’s threat has become so serious that other social media platforms have been forced to provide their users with the ability to share and edit short videos. Therefore, TikTok’s influence on other social networks is undeniable. Now, TikTok intends to introduce a monthly subscription service inspired by X (formerly known as Twitter) so that users can enjoy an ad-free experience on this platform. I suggest you see the article on The What Is TikTok 18 Plus ?

The website Androidauthority intends to offer users a monthly subscription option without ads by analyzing the latest version of TikTok’s code.

The new version of TikTok has enabled the purchase of subscriptions for certain active users. As seen in the image below, users from the United States must pay $4.99 per month during the trial phase to purchase this service.

At the time of writing this article, TikTok has not released any announcements regarding its new subscription service. Therefore, it is assumed that the mentioned feature is currently only active in a trial mode. Additionally, the subscription service may be made available to users at a different price after its public release.

TikTok’s main source of revenue comes from advertisements. This social platform also has several revenue-sharing mechanisms and pays a portion of it to content creators. Furthermore, users can directly support their favorite content creators on this social network by purchasing their subscriptions.

The social network X (formerly known as Twitter) also has a service called X Premium, which, in addition to ad removal, offers other benefits such as access to revenue-generating services.

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