How to download Instagram Live video 2023

Instagram Live video is one of this platform’s new and popular features. This post will teach you how to save Instagram Live videos. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

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Instagram Live video is a highly popular and useful feature on this social network, quickly appreciated by regular users and professionals.

If your Instagram is up to date, you have undoubtedly seen the live stream icon blinking at the top of the feed several times. Anyone can use this feature, from ordinary individuals to celebrities and news pages.

Naturally, most of the recent live videos you have seen may belong to ordinary individuals and be aimless. However, this feature has also been professional uses, such as reporters’ live coverage of the Grammy Awards or Toyota’s live reports from the Geneva Motor Show

Regardless of the purpose or subject matter, every Live video featuring a famous personality or an ordinary person has its target audience. Therefore, it is evident that these audiences, like with posts or stories, seek a way to save Instagram Live videos.

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So far, many apps and methods have been published for saving an Instagram post (by copying the post’s link). Among them, the modified version of Instagram, OG Instagram, has made the process even easier and added a download option to posts and stories, allowing users to download the desired post or story more comprehensively.

However, Instagram Live video is different. These videos are broadcast live and are not stored on Instagram servers. Therefore, it can be assumed that even OG Instagram cannot provide a way to download Live videos.

How to save Instagram live video?

How to save Instagram live video?

Given the above explanations, if you still intend to download or save an Instagram live video, you will have no choice but to use indirect solutions.

It would help if you relied on applications that allow video recording from the phone’s screen. After running these applications and starting the recording process, visit Instagram and play the desired live video.

Whatever you see in this live video will be recorded by the chosen application with the same quality, sound, and appearance.

For this purpose, your preferred Screen Recorder application must support recording internal sound. Therefore, you will have limited choices. To achieve the best result, it is essential to consider a few mandatory points, which we will discuss below:

The first point (capability of recording internal sound)

The most important point regarding this method is that the chosen application must be able to record internal sound. Most screen recording applications can record sound from the phone’s microphone.

Still, the important feature we need in this case is the ability to record internal sound, which, unfortunately, is supported by fewer applications.

Therefore, it is better to ensure the desired application has this feature before using it to record live videos. The critical point is that the sound recording source should be exclusively set to internal sound. The ambient sound will be recorded in the output video if the microphone recording is enabled.

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Second point (video recording quality)

Applications responsible for screen recording on mobile devices usually support different quality settings. Suppose you want the recorded live video exactly as you see it.

In that case, you should first access the settings of the chosen application and set the recording resolution and quality to the maximum. By doing this, the desired live video will be recorded with the same quality displayed to you.

The third point (hiding comments)

If you have experienced watching a live video, user comments are displayed on the screen during the playback. Suppose the presence of these comments is not important to you, and you prefer to record a clean video without any additional text.

In that case, it is better to touch the screen once at the beginning of the playback to hide the comments and only watch the playing video.

Fourth point (sufficient storage)

Since you have set the recording quality to the maximum in the settings of the Screen Recorder application, the output video will have a relatively large file size.

Therefore, ensuring that you have sufficient free space in your memory if you intend to record long-duration videos is recommended.

Fifth point (root access)

If your Android version is 4.4 or lower, you will need root access to Screen Recorder applications that work properly without any issues.

However, if you are using Android version 5 or higher, applications are available that can record your Android screen without requiring root access. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, the desired app must have the feature of recording internal sound.

Sixth point (iPhone users)

Unfortunately, due to the strict limitations in iOS, direct video recording from within the mobile device is impossible. iPhone users must connect their phones to a Macbook to record the screen.

suggested program for android and usage tutorial

According to the explanations, you can choose a video recording application supporting internal audio. However, to complete this information, we will introduce the SCR Pro application for Android 4.4 and below (requires root) and the AZ Screen Recorder application for Android 5 and above (no root required).

You can find the necessary settings instructions for the SCR Pro application below. The settings process is the same for both applications, so you can also review and follow the instructions given for SCR Pro in AZ Screen Recorder.

Download SCR Pro for Android 4.4 and below (requires root).
Download AZ Screen Recorder for Android 5 and above (no root required).

After downloading and installing SCR Pro, run the application and grant it root access. After doing this, a floating shortcut of this application will appear on the screen. Tap on the gear icon to access the application settings.

First, in the Video section, tap on the first option, Presets, and on the opened page, select the highest resolution and FPS, as shown in screenshot 2 below. In the second step, again in the Video section, tap the Resolution option and select the Max option.

suggested program for android and usage tutorial

Now it’s time for the last and most important section of settings: setting the audio source. Similar to the image above, go to the Audio section and select the Source option. After the next menu appears, choose the Internal option.

In the Other section, an option called Output Directory allows you to specify whether the recorded video should be saved in internal or external memory. We recommend setting this section to a storage location that has more available space.

The main steps are complete, and you can now exit the application settings. After exiting the application, you will see the shortcut button again. Tap the application icon in this shortcut menu to start the recording process. Whenever you want to stop the recording, you can pull down the status bar and tap on the application icon in the notification bar.

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