get more views to Instagram Reels [2023 tricks]

By implementing a few simple tricks, you can increase the views of your Instagram reels.

What is the secret to going viral on Instagram? Posting attractive photos or creative reels? There are various methods for this, but today we want to teach you how to create reels that get a lot of views.

When TikTok became popular, Instagram realized the popularity of short vertical videos; therefore, there is now a section on this social network called “Reels” where you can create attractive clips using trending music. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

Why should we use Instagram reels?

First and foremost, we must examine why publishing reels on Instagram is important. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, short videos are more popular among audiences than other content formats, especially if they are 15 to 30 seconds long. Using them lets you quickly grow your account; of course, you need to produce original and engaging videos.

It is also said that the new Instagram algorithm exposes the pages that publish reels to more views. Therefore, producing this type of content and publishing it will be very useful for the growth of your page.

Important Tips for Increasing Instagram Reels Views

Instagram reels have been around for a few years now, so the competition has increased, and you need to make more effort to get your content noticed. However, this should encourage you to try. In the following, we will tell you some tricks that can help you increase your Instagram reel views.

Focus on a specific niche or topic

One of the ways to increase followers and go viral on Instagram is to find a specific topic or category and consistently post content in that area. This method is especially helpful when you are just starting.

The Instagram algorithm uses machine learning, showing your posts to those already interested in the topic you posted about. This will cause more people to view your videos every day. First, find your desired category, create videos based on it and post them regularly while considering the next tips.

Grab the viewer’s attention with a hook

A hook has the same function as a hook in English – to catch the viewer’s attention. You must be able to introduce something in your reels at the beginning that is like a hook and grabs the viewer’s attention. Thousands of reels are posted daily, and going viral among them takes work. Your content must convince the viewer that it is worth their time.

To make your video stand out, you need to create it with your creativity. Also, remember that the first few seconds of the video are very important. Previously, when YouTube and longer videos were popular, you had more time to attract the viewer, but now you have only a few seconds. Therefore, create an appropriate hook for your video, as it can change its fate.

Create reels in the appropriate size

The desired size for Instagram reels is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which allows viewers to see the video with maximum resolution and a 9:16 aspect ratio. This means your video should be recorded vertically.

Publishing a square video with black borders around it does not appeal visually to the viewer. When given a page, try to use all of it to get the best result.

Remove the TikTok watermark from your Instagram Reels

When Reels was introduced as a new feature on Instagram, the clear goal was to encourage users to use this social network instead of TikTok. Now, imagine sharing a video with a TikTok watermark on it.

The Instagram algorithm can detect the TikTok watermark. You need to remove these watermarks to increase the likelihood of your Reels going viral. Various apps are available to do this, or you can edit your video separately to ensure that the TikTok watermark is not added.

Remember to add text.

It is estimated that more than 80% of Instagram users watch videos without sound, whether through Stories or Reels. Therefore, adding subtitles or text to help viewers understand the content without sound is a great idea. Moreover, the text allows people with hearing difficulties to enjoy your videos.

Place the text in the middle of the screen.

Since Reels can be viewed in both the Reels and Feed sections, it is important to pay attention to where the text is placed, as it may need to be fully visible in Grid mode. The safe zone where you can place your text and ensure it is fully readable is in the middle of the screen. You can also find other suitable locations through trial and error.

Add a call-to-action

Always add a call-to-action to your video to encourage interaction with your audience. You don’t need to learn Instagram’s comprehensive tutorial to do this; pay attention to the following points.

For example, you can ask your audience to like your video and share it with a friend interested in the subject or ask them to express their opinion. Also, remember that it’s best to request only a few actions in the call-to-action section.

Use viral elements

You can use popular elements such as songs or challenges to give your content a chance to go viral. If a particular song is trending, you can use it or examine people’s reactions to a new challenge. Try integrating trends with your page’s content and create unique Reels relevant to current events.

Use hashtags

When Reels were first introduced, users were given the option to choose from three different categories. These categories are very important. Additionally, there are hashtags that you are probably familiar with.

Try using our Hashtag Generator tool

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags are one of the important elements of any post because they help Instagram understand your content and then show it to interested users.

Hashtags increase the chance of your content being seen.

Hashtag should be chosen very carefully. The most popular ones are only sometimes the best because they have more competition.

Create a suitable cover for your Reels.

Just as creating a cover for YouTube is important, Reels videos also need an image that will appear as their main view.

Creating a cover for your Reels can help your video be seen better. This is the image that users will see before they click on your Reels. The cover adds value to the content and makes it more attractive, improving the overall appearance of your profile.

Pay attention to the timing of publication.

After creating your Reels and selecting a cover, it’s time to publish it. Remember that not all hours and days are suitable for publishing. Some times are better because more users are active on Instagram.

Find the best hours and days to publish your videos through trial and error. Audience behavior in different categories is different. Then plan your posts accordingly. This way, you will have a higher engagement rate.

Share your Reels in your feed and stories.

Share your Reels in your Instagram feed and stories to get them seen. This makes more people aware of your content. You can easily do this by clicking the “Always share to feed” button.

The main idea behind this strategy is that followers don’t miss any of your posts. Also, Reels have a better chance of going to the Explore page by doing this.
Pay attention to interaction with your audience.

One of the important things to do after posting your content on Instagram or any other social network is to interact with your audience. Pay attention to this point. Talk to them in the comments and even ask them something if you can. Try to make them come back to your Reels again to answer your question. The better the comments are (not just emojis), the better the engagement rate, leading to more views.

Be consistent

All the points mentioned are important, but you must stay consistent to increase your page statistics properly. Try to have a schedule for posting that helps you stay consistent. If you publish Reels with a plan, the chances of one going viral increase. In general, consistency is one of the important points in content creation.


The points mentioned in this article help increase the views of your Reels, but there is no magic involved. You have to produce valuable content so that people worldwide show interest in it.

Try always to produce special and high-quality videos and apply the mentioned tricks to them. Finally, remember that going viral overnight doesn’t happen for many people, and we don’t see their previous efforts; therefore, be patient.

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