Instagram and Twitter hashtags: what are the differences?

In this article you will read about Twitter hashtags

Did you know that 5 out of 10 people worldwide earn their living with online businesses?

Seeing these numbers, we realize how important it is for you to manage your virtual business correctly and get the best result for your own sake, at least.

The first step you have to take in this direction is to have a major-sized audience to reach your products or services in as many places as possible.

There are several techniques and tools to achieve a wide range of audiences that we will discuss, the most important one yet: The Hashtag.

If you are one of the small virtual business owners.

make sure to come with us until the last word of this article and learn the best ways to use hashtags.

besides, you will understand what could be the difference between hashtags on each social media.

We are going to compare two the popular social media platforms in aspects of hashtags:

Instagram and Twitter.

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Instagram and Twitter hashtags

The main content is:

  • What are hashtags?
  • Use of hashtags on two platforms.
  • What are the red flags?
  • Wind-up

Now, let’s start and dive into the article and see how you can benefit from hashtags and what the differences are between Instagram and Twitter hashtags.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are around 2007; interestingly, the first social media app that used hashtags was Twitter.

Hashtags are a way to link your content and share your plot with millions of people who have similar kinds of content worldwide. Using hashtags on social media means organizing and putting your content inside a category full of akin posts.

The footnote is that there are different uses for hashtags on each social media platform, and if you are going to expand your work through other apps.

you have to be aware of all of them and don’t make any aberrations.

Now that you know what you are looking for, let’s go to the next chapter and see the discrepancy between two of the most famous social apps: Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter hashtags

Use of hashtags on two platforms.

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As we mentioned, Twitter is the birthplace of hashtags, and the first hashtag ever used was a question on this platform.

Quite unlike Instagram, Twitter has a different use for hashtags.

The main reason that hashtag was invented for Twitter was to create context on specific tweets.

These hashtags could be a part of a tweet or be placed at the end of a particular tweet.

By adding the right hashtags, you could join a specific conversation among all users or even help you find the right people to engage with.

Now, let’s compare the use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

The places that a hashtag can take part:

Instagram Twitter
On the caption (any kind) Only on tweets
stories Main profile

Seeing this chart, we can discern that the number of places to share your hashtags is more on Instagram; this happens because Twitter intended hashtags for entirely other use, so it is pretty distinctive.

The actual uses of hashtags:

Instagram Twitter
To increase followers To connect with similar people
Find similar individuals Increase followers
Organize your content Join a conversation
Join a campaign

Although Instagram has the numbers advantage in the number of places to use the hashtags, on the other hand, Twitter has a more specific use for hashtags. It could be why there are so many controversies going on, on this social media app.

The number of hashtags allowed:

Instagram Twitter
Limit is 30 The 140 character limit

This one is pretty simple.

The limit on using hashtags gets spicy in this comparison.

you pretty much can convert all of your hashtags from Twitter to Instagram, and it would work perfectly. Still, there is a 140 characters limit on tweets in the counterpoint.

The fact that you are limited in writing tweets brings up a new obstacle that denies you from using too many hashtags.

Twitter advises you to your one and a maximum of three hashtags; meanwhile, Instagram allows you to use all 30 of them.

Analyzing the facts above, we come to a crucial conclusion.

The use of hashtags on these two platforms is entirely different and depends on what you are trying to offer the digital world, as the content would differ.

Now let’s get to the next chapter and see what the things you should avoid when using hashtags are; this can come in handy, so keep reading.

What are the red flags?

Twitter hashtags

As much as we like to admit the adverse, there are some difficulties and problems when using hashtags.

It is better to call these instructions and not obstacles because they were created to keep the community safe.

Twitter hashtags: what are the differences?

Therefore, we shall list some things you must consider before using any hashtags.

·        Privacy

There is the reason that all social media accounts, without any exception, have an option called a private account. When posting content, try avoiding any personal information that can cause you trouble in the feature.

·        Insults and slurs

Targeting a specific group or a person, for that matter, and using some insulting and sensitive slurs may lead to your account getting blocked.

·        Suicidal and harmful hashtags

We have to be considerate to people that have some emotional conditions and discomforts, and we must, at any cost, avoid any hashtags that have the potential to trigger something that we will regret.

You have to be careful about using the red flags now that you know the red flags. Let’s conclude the article and see the differences between hashtags on Twitter and Instagram at the end.


If we put all of the information given in this article together.

we can quickly realize that the vital contrast between Instagram and Twitter hashtags is their primary use of them.

While Instagram uses it to get categorized and gain followers, Twitter uses the hashtags to connect people via hashtags on their tweets purely.

Twitter hashtags

The last thing to mention is that the exclusive use of Instagram is different from Twitter.

so you should keep the work and the content that you are doing and then decide on which platform to use.

In the end, we hope that you can use all these facts and instructions to get the best experience from your social media adventure and grow your business as much as you desire.

If you have any questions or opinions about Instagram and Twitter hashtags are their differences.

please let us know in the comment section below, and we will try our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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