Transferring an Instagram account to another phone

A few simple steps can transfer an Instagram account to another phone. You can use one Instagram account on multiple phones simultaneously.
When buying a new phone, transferring important data can be a tiring process. In the meantime, it is necessary to transfer messenger and social media data to the new device so that all information is easily accessible. While transferring data such as text messages and WhatsApp messages can be a hassle, fortunately, transferring an Instagram account to a new phone is not very difficult. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

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Note that you must have the account’s username and password to transfer to an Instagram account. You can only transfer the Instagram account through the username and password if you have not activated two-factor authentication. Otherwise, you need access to the two-factor authentication method (SMS, authenticator apps, etc.) to transfer the account.

Many users need to save their passwords when creating an Instagram account, making it difficult to log back in. If you do not have your password, you must create a new one before transferring your Instagram account to another phone.
To create a new password, click the “Forgot Password” option on the Instagram login page. Enter your username, email, or mobile number on the new page. Instagram will send you a message or email containing a special link that you can click to choose a new password.
We recommend verifying your email and mobile number before starting the process of transferring your Instagram account. Instagram may ask you to verify your identity when logging into the app on the new phone.

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Transfer Instagram account from Android phone to iPhone

Transferring an Instagram account between different types of phones (Android and iPhone) follows a similar process. Generally, you need to log out of your current account with knowledge of your password before transferring the account.

To log out of your Instagram account, go to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the “Log Out” option.

On your new phone, go to the Instagram login page. In the first box, enter your username, email, or mobile number; in the second box, enter your password. Enter the verification code in the next step if you have enabled two-factor authentication. Otherwise, you can easily transfer your Instagram account to the new phone.
To access your Instagram account on the new phone, download the Instagram app on the new device and enter your username and password. This will transfer your Instagram account to the new phone, and you can continue using the same account on your old phone simultaneously.

Disable two-step verification to transfer the account to another phone

If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Instagram account, transferring the account may be more difficult. Zoomit recommends keeping two-factor authentication enabled at all times because it increases the security of your Instagram account.

You can turn off two-factor authentication if you want more convenience when transferring your Instagram account. To do so, go to the settings menu, select the “Security” section, and click “Two-Factor Authentication” on the new page.

You will see different types of two-factor authentication methods on the Two-Factor Authentication page. You need to separately go into the different sections (such as SMS and …) and disable them. Doing this will turn off two-factor authentication, and you will have an easier time transferring your Instagram account.

Can I enter an Instagram account on two phones?

Instagram has allowed access to one account through multiple devices for a long time. When transferring your Instagram account to a new phone, you can still use Instagram on your old phone.

Transferring an Instagram
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