Everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram

In this article you will read about wedding hashtags on Instagram

Everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram

As you all know, weddings are a binding of love, a celebration that comes upon two individuals that love and cherish each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Planning a wedding might be one of the most stressful and demanding jobs; you are responsible for creating the best day of life, and that’s a lot of pressure.

This is where wedding planners come into play. The planners use several decades of experience to create your dream magnificent wedding.

You might be one of the planners we speak of, and if you want to expand and grow your business, how can you do it?

The first thing that comes to mind is social media.

And it is a fantastic idea to promote your services and share your successful work on social media platforms so that other people can see your portfolio.

Now, let’s see how you can be familiar and expand your followers by using wedding hashtags on Instagram.

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Let’s read:

  • A brief introduction to hashtags.
  • What are the best wedding hashtags?
  • Who else can use the wedding hashtags?
  • Last but not least

Now let’s jump right in and get to know wedding hashtags and how you can use them better.

A brief introduction to hashtags.

Everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram

Suppose you have ever read our previous articles. In that case, you are aware that Twitter invented hashtags in 2007 to connect people through conversations that they could add the hashtag related to and join.

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But there came other uses for hashtags as it expanded across different social media apps like Instagram or YouTube.

Hashtags became a way of organizing your content and making specific categories that help users find what they are looking for. Besides that, they could reach out to individuals who had the same interests.

After all of these years, hashtags have gotten more and more popular, and the uses that were limited someday now are as free as a farm field.

The best part of using hashtags might be getting the deserved attraction from your audience or even expanding the area in which your content is being showcased.

With all of these in mind, let’s get to the primary subject and see the best wedding hashtags and how you can use them.

What are the best wedding hashtags?

Everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram

Before getting any further, let’s say that this information is to get your related content out there in the world, and you should avoid using these tips on irrelevant posts or content.

Ok, wedding hashtags.

No matter what your job is or even if you are having your wedding, maybe you want to show your marriage or your work off, and the best way to do this is to use Instagram hashtags as a bridge to get to some more users and interactions.

Let’s list some of the most popular wedding hashtags then we will tell you how to use them:

  • #wedding
  • #bride
  • #love
  • #weddingphotography
  • #weddingdress
  • #weddingday
  • #weddinginspiration
  • #photography
  • #fashion
  • #weddingplanner
  • #makeup
  • #bridetobe
  • #bridal
  • #prewedding
  • #weddingphotographer
  • #weddings

Keep these hashtags in mind, and let’s see how we can use them.

There are several positions that you can benefit from these hashtags o Instagram; one of them is the main feed.

When you post content, you can insert these hashtags at the end of the caption, and as long as there are no more than 30 hashtags, you are good to go.

Instagram stories and live sessions can be an excellent place to share your hashtags. They have their feeds, and by using these hashtags on them, you can quickly get that story and live video to more people.

Let us remind you of some of the rules you have to obey:

  • Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags under your content; otherwise, you might, over time, get your page banned.
  • Do not use more than 30 hashtags. Instagram has a 30 hashtags limit, and if you overrun that number, all of the hashtags you have used will be disabled and don’t work anymore.

Now it’s time to ask, Are the wedding hashtags only for wedding planners?

The answer is absolutely no. Several groups of individuals can use the wedding hashtags to keep reading to find out.

Who else can use the wedding hashtags?

Everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram

Besides the wedding planner, some other people can use these hashtags.

·       Photographers

Suppose you are a photographer and get invited to a wedding to capture happy moments. In that case, you certainly can use these hashtags when uploading them to your social media as a portfolio part.

·       Bloggers

If you are a blogger and you are getting married, you can share your wedding shots with social media; after all, it is your wedding, and therefore you can use the mentioned hashtags to boost those likes on your content.

And if you are a blogger but the wedding isn’t yours, you can share it only with permission from the bride and groom.

·       The bride and groom

If you are a bride or a groom looking forward to getting more exposure to your wedding content using these hashtags, we should say that congratulations are in order, and you are free to use these hashtags on your wedding shots.

·       Friends and family

When there is a wedding, of course, there will be friends and family, and if you are any of those.

you can post all you want and share these hashtags under it to get exposure but be sure to get permission from the bride and groom.

These were the exception to using these hashtags besides the planners; now, let’s wrap up the article and get to the bottom line.

Last but not least

Weddings are a beautiful experience to have.

And what better way to commemorate it for eternity than social media and the internet.

Whether you are a photographer or a wedding planner.

you can use social media and its hashtags to build the perfect portfolio and get the exposure you deserve.

So keep the tips and instructions that we offer in mind and try to use them as correctly as possible.

In the end, we hope that this article was everything that you expected from everything about wedding hashtags on Instagram. We are waiting for your opinions. Please let us know if you have any other questions in the comment section below.

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