Instagram makes the Stories section more functional

Instagram will soon allow its users to share Stories exclusively with specific individuals. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, says they are testing a feature that will enable users to share their Stories with recipients present in custom lists.

Currently, Instagram has a Close Friends feature for adding close friends to share Stories with. The new Instagram feature is suitable for individuals who have a public profile but want to share Stories only with a specific group of contacts. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

Instagram makes the Stories section more functional

According to Engadget, Instagram will provide users with the ability to create multiple groups for sharing Stories with specific individuals. This feature greatly assists influencers and offers them more options for sharing and targeting their audience.

Adam Mosseri stated, “Users can share Stories with smaller groups and will have more control over their followers.”

Based on the images shared by Instagram, you can create a small group for your siblings or people who are food enthusiasts and share Stories based on their interests. This feature is still being tested, and its official release date is unknown.

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