What hashtags are banned from Instagram and why?

In this article you will read about What hashtags are banned

Social media is one of the most valuable tools in our lives, and some of us even earn a living out of this excellent app, although there are some basic rules and boundaries that all users should obey.

Without rules, we must admit that the next evolution is undoubtedly chaos.

As you know, hashtags are a big part of the Instagram app, and users worldwide enjoy the freedom and connection that these hashtags offer.

But what if the same hashtags that help you and fulfill you get you in trouble?

You might ask if it’s even possible? Unfortunately, yes, it is very much possible.

There are dangers to using hashtags in specific ways that can cost you your business and career.

so if you don’t fall into this fatal trap, read through the whole article and immune yourself from the harms of social media.

You will discover:

  • What are Instagram hashtags?
  • What can go wrong when using hashtags?
  • How can you fix the mistake?
  • Lastly

Let’s start on some dark sides of social media and light it up with our experience and wisdom.

What are Instagram hashtags?

Instagram found a solution for the users with the same ideology and interest in the same thing; it made a bridge for two reasons; Instagram organized all of the content inside the app alongside connecting users that were meant to be connected.

This solution was called “hashtags,” an innovative way to order a messy server and bring the connection to people.

Over the years, there have been many uses invented for hashtags. Creating movements, social alertness, event planning, etc., by the time the app got so crowded that the reach of the most popular hashtag was almost 5 billion; that’s more than half of the population on earth.

The most important part of the hashtags was that they were available for everyone across the globe, and every single user could access this particular function.

Now that we know briefly what a hashtag is, let’s talk about principles.

There are some dos and don’ts for social media, especially in the 21st century; we will help you get through Instagram without any fault and mistakes, so bear with us. This could save your Instagram account someday.

What can go wrong when using hashtags?

If we go ahead and answer this question honestly, we would say “a lot.”

Using Instagram and hashtags on that matter is a sensitive subject, and therefore it’s for the best if you learn all of the things you should avoid when using Instagram.

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There are some facts and some myths about the dark side of Instagram, and as they say, the bridge between the light and the dark is banned materials.

You might ask what the banned materials are?

We are an evolved community that lives in harmony, and everything, however small, that threatens this harmony must be eliminated.

Nevertheless, there is some content that you should not say or discuss not in person and not online.

When it comes to Instagram, we examined and found out that there are hashtags that are not available, blocked, or temporarily closed, and here are some of the reasons that this could happen:

Captions and posts that involve threats or hate speech.

This is a sensitive matter; the world policy says that we have to respect every race, culture, and religion no matter what we think about it. In other words, we have to have consideration for one another.

Posts that contain terrorist and hate groups

This one is a security matter. You have to avoid this kind of subject at any cost, or it may cause you great danger and risk everything you have been working on.

Content that advises for self-shame

Every individual is unique and beautiful in its place. No one is allowed to say otherwise, or else they get banned from any social media immediately and unable to ever use that platform again.

Tags that accommodate illegal sales and firearms

There is no need to explain that this activity could endanger those we love and care for. Therefore, this kind of behavior is highly advised against.

The copyright regulation

Each creator spends so much time and effort on their work, and using that and naming it as yours is inhuman and should face the consequences by anyone that can.

And the last straw is violence.

We live in a civilized environment, and the last thing we need is violence; it is unnecessary, irrelevant, irrational, irritating, and no need to say dangerous.

Accordingly, acts of violence are decidedly diverged and will permanently be banned from any social platform.

Now let’s go over some hashtags that we found are banned from social media, especially Instagram:

(warning: this information is only for the sake of knowledge and must not be used)

  • #loseweight
  • #Alone
  • #boho
  • #killinglt
  • #hustler
  • #nasty
  • #shower
  • #undies
  • #WTF

Keep in mind that some of these hashtags are banned permanently and the accounts using them, so be careful.

So before using any hashtags, research first and make sure that the hashtag you have in mind is qualified and follows the human values.

Now that we know what not to do when we are trying to use hashtags in our content to enhance the audience range, it’s time to imagine the worst possible scenario;

What if you did use one of these hashtags for any reason, and now you are banned from Instagram. What can you do in this situation?

We have got you covered, come with us and get help on how you can recover your banned account.

How can you fix the mistake?

Let’s say that your account is banned; the good news is that mentioned account can recover it. The bad news is that it could take a long time.

Let’s walk you step by step and get you unbanned:

Step 1

Go to Instagram.com and look for support. After clicking on the option, it will ask you if there is an issue, and obviously, there is!!

Step 2

Write down your issue and cite why you had to use such a language to get banned; include your user name and email address.

Step 3

Once you have completed this step, you must wait and hope that, following a review of your request, your account will be unblocked.

However, consider this a warning because Instagram will permanently delete your account the next time you make the same mistake again.

not only that, but you will also be unable to create any new accounts using the IP address that is currently associated with your smartphone.

The ultimate solution for that is changing your smartphone!!!

We believe that this amount of information will keep you safe from getting banned as long as you keep yourself in the line. Now let’s conclude the article and finalize it.


Based on what we learned from this article, you now know what banned materials are and how they relate to banned Instagram hashtags.

With the correct use of social media, you can avoid getting banned, and if someday that happens, you can read our instructions in this article about how to recover your banned account.

So, remember the content you must avoid and start your Instagram journey today.

Lastly tip:

The exact opposite of banned material is empowering materials that have the actual opposite impact on your account and can significantly help you grow your Instagram congregation.

We hope that this article and your intelligence keep you away from the trouble on social media.

If you have any other questions and opinions on “what is banned hashtags and why?” don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment section below.

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