Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

In this article you will read about hashtags on LinkedIn

As you know, there are many social media that our civilization is using.

We have talked about Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and all of these apps are great, but there is a slight gap inside their design; they are more entertainment-oriented platforms that you could browse in your spare time.

But what if there was a more professional platform?

Don’t get us wrong; we are not saying that there aren’t any professionals in places like Instagram, but what if there was a place where people could talk only about professional and employment issues?

Good news, there is.

LinkedIn is a social network that addresses this kind of problem. Now we will review and discuss everything that there is to know about LinkedIn and specifically the hashtags and how to use them for the best.

We will read:

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Why are LinkedIn hashtags far-reaching?
  • Definition of trending on LinkedIn.

So now, let’s jump in and get to know this valuable platform, LinkedIn, a little bit better.

What is LinkedIn?

Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

In 2003, Microsoft came up with an idea to find a new company specializing in experts and employers, a work-oriented place. And then they made LinkedIn.

This American network is the best environment for people that try to showcase their experts in their field of work; it can be business, photography, programming, or anything else. It doesn’t matter as long as you are an expert at doing it.

This social media isn’t as active in creating content, although it is a great place to seek a job or experience from other experts in your field; you can chat with other members and interact with every single one, you can follow individuals that you’re interested in and keep in touch with a community that has the same expertise that you have, this opportunity is rare and valuable.

There is a saying, you are never an expert when you are not learning, and indeed it is correct.

When you are surrounded by people that understand your line of work and have been dealing with the same issues as you do, you have the chance to learn something new every day.

So now we will continue and get to the depths of Linked in and tell you how you can use hashtags to get the best experience.

Why are LinkedIn hashtags far-reaching?

Almost every social media uses hashtags nowadays, yet the system and the use of hashtags are different from one platform to the other.

As you know, hashtags are used to categorize content and have the luxury of searching for that specific hashtag and finding tones of posts like the ones you want, and this is an exciting option to have.

Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

Let us lay out some facts about you:

  • did you know that while 60% of Instagram users include hashtags in their content, the number on LinkedIn is 1-2%?
  • And did you know that significantly fewer people on LinkedIn make content?

These are quotes from LinkedIn itself:

  • Authorize your prospect and expertise
  • Reach and interact with the people who value your insights
  • Get into a meaningful conversation over some shared interests

The rates being this low on using the hashtag on this social network, you must know what you are doing when using hashtags because there are many eyes on you.

Let’s lead on with some strategies to do the best hashtag work because, as you know, the technique is essential.

Try using our Hashtag Generator tool

Hashtag Generator

Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

Here are some outlined strategies that might come in handy:

  • Use up to 3 hashtags
  • Try frequently searching to identify hashtags
  • Always use keywords in your content themes

Now let’s elaborate on these strategies.

First, let’s talk about searching hashtags.

When posting content on LinkedIn, it automatically will suggest some hashtags for you to choose from; some people wonder at this point and don’t know what to choose.

But there is a solution; if you go to your search bar on the app and search the mentioned hashtags, you will see how many contents have that hashtag and how many profiles use it.

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You can easily select the right hashtag for your content based on this information.

The other ones are pretty self-explanatory, but we will cover those in the next LinkedIn article.

There are two types of hashtags:

  • Broad
  • Niche

Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

Let’s lead with an example from LinkedIn,

We will analyze two hashtags: the first one is #socialmedia, and the second is #socialmediatips; these are two popular hashtags linked in and below.

We will cite how many followers each have:

  • #socialmedi (19,751,658 followers)
  • #socialmediatips (676 followers)

The difference isn’t so subtle. There are upsides to using both of these hashtags.

Imagine wanting to get a tutorial or educational content out there without dealing with so much competition. If your intentions are the way we described them, you are better off using the niche hashtags.

But some conditions change the preference.

LinkedIn is currently the biggest networking platform available job seekers post their CVs, and employers look for seekers.

When tables turn like this, people usually look for a bigger crowd and community to get the opportunity in a work environment they desire, so they come to broad hashtags.

To summarize, you can use both of these hashtags, and by combining them correctly, you can have access to a bigger crowd than you even anticipated.

Definition of trending on LinkedIn.

Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

Trending on LinkedIn differs from other social platforms, especially on Instagram.

When a hashtag is trending on this platform, discussion around that hashtag is currently hot. You can contribute by joining in on these subjects.

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But keep in mind always involved in subjects that you are 100% sure you have something to add to the discussion or be an observer; LinkedIn is stringent on unrelated topics that pop inside of a serious subject.

Overall, you can join a very exclusive world of experts by using the proper techniques and skills.

Now let’s end the article and get to the conclusion.


Everything to know about hashtags on LinkedIn

In conclusion, joining a high club-like LinkedIn is a big shoe to fill, but once you get the hang of it, you are good to use the experience of every single person that is present on that app, and the first step to getting it off the ground is to use hashtags properly.

As we mentioned in this article, you have to know the definition of some essential topics on LinkedIn. Using the instruction and tips that we gave you, you enter the gates of knowledge and job opportunities.

Overall, LinkedIn is a big world, and we didn’t even begin to cover all aspects of this app, so stay tuned for the following LinkedIn articles.

Hopefully, you will establish strong connections on this app and reach the peak point you want using this article and its guidance.

If you have any ideas or questions about the “everything about LinkedIn hashtags” article, please let us know in the comment section below, and we will try our best to respond to your thoughts as soon as possible.

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