How to control the sensitive content of Instagram?

Since early August, Instagram has introduced the Sensitive Content Filter for user accounts. Now, how can you configure or deactivate this filter?

If you’ve noticed that your desired artist’s works no longer appear in your Instagram feed, they may have been affected by the new Instagram Sensitive Content Filter. One of the main features of Instagram is its endless list of content creators with their unique content. However, most of the content produced by each creator is tailored to a specific group that may not necessarily interest other individuals. I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

In an update released in July 2021, Instagram once again entrusted content oversight to its users. Instagram announced it would start restricting sensitive content by default for most users. In this article, we will provide a tutorial on disabling the Sensitive Content Filter on Instagram, so stay tuned.

Why does Instagram restrict sensitive content?

According to statistics, 7.1% of Instagram users are between 13 and 17. Considering this fact, it is unsurprising that Instagram is trying to make its platform more enjoyable for younger users. Currently, the majority of Instagram’s current users are adults, so it is obvious that the content created is geared towards adults.

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Instagram has gradually realized that with over one billion users worldwide, it is almost impossible to please everyone with just one specific setting. Understanding this point is crucial, as Instagram is a business where “our attention” is its main currency. Therefore, with this understanding, empowering users to decide the level of sensitive content is exactly what needs to be done.

By giving users more power to moderate their content, Instagram helps them actively personalize their desired experience. Now, what type of sensitive content does Instagram exactly filter?

Why does Instagram limit sensitive content?

Given that 7.1% of Instagram users are between the ages of 13 and 17, it is unsurprising that Instagram tries to make its platform more suitable for younger users. However, currently, the majority of active Instagram users are adults. Therefore, the content created by content creators is tailored to adults.

As a company, Instagram has realized over time that with over one billion users worldwide, it is generally only possible to satisfy some people with just one specific setting in the app’s preferences. People have different opinions and beliefs. It is important to consider that Instagram is a fully commercialized application, so having a single setting that applies to all users is impossible. Therefore, considering optional settings for users is essential for this application. As a user, you can decide whether to enable or disable sensitive content based on your preference.

What is sensitive content on Instagram?

From past to present, Instagram has guidelines prohibiting hate speech, bullying, or posts containing direct threats to users. The extent to which these guidelines have been effectively implemented is still being determined, but further efforts are needed to transform Instagram into a safe space for most users.

The Sensitive Content Filter allows users to choose their preferences while providing an open space for content that may not be suitable for children or sensitive users. Still, its presence on the platform is not prohibited and opens up a space for such content.

Why might restricting sensitive content be problematic?

Considering the points above, the Instagram Sensitive Content Filter must be fully comprehensive. Like any new feature, this new filter is not guaranteed to be perfect, especially during its initial release.

Many content creators depend on having their content on Instagram for their livelihood, and many artists create works that touch on sensitive subjects. With the new filter enabled by default, artists who create sensitive content are at risk of having their work go unnoticed. Additionally, violent images depicting news events may be censored due to this filter. When this happens, users may miss out on important news content on the Instagram platform.

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How to Disable Sensitive Content Control on Instagram?

While some users appreciate Instagram’s efforts to restrict sensitive content, others may be concerned. If you want to change the settings to turn off this filter, you can follow the steps below:
Go to Settings > Account > Sensitive Content Control in the Instagram app. Then, select “Allow.”

How to Disable Sensitive Content Control on Instagram?

Whenever you want to change your opinion about applying the filter, you can come back here and choose “Limit (Default)” or “Limit Even More.”

Undoubtedly, Instagram has provided the Sensitive Content filter to protect its vulnerable users. However, you still have the choice to decide about the content you see.
What is your perspective on the Instagram filter? Do you also prefer to turn off this filter?

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