Instagram posts with music : More engaging [3 Steps]

Adding music to your Instagram posts can make them more appealing and increase audience engagement and attention to your content.

By incorporating music into your posts, you can create a better emotional connection with your audience and enhance the impact of your posts in their minds.

We recommend exploring articles such as “Adding Music to Instagram Stories,” “Comprehensive Instagram Tutorial,” and “Guide to Posting Reels on Instagram” to optimize your Instagram experience and attract a larger audience on this popular social network. In these articles, we provide instructions on how to add music to your Instagram posts, so stay tuned with Jethashtag.

Step 1: Create a New Post

Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. Take a photo with your camera or choose an image from your phone’s gallery.

In this step, enter the image editing section and add your usual captions, tags, hashtags, and location as you normally would.

Instagram posts with music : More engaging [3 Steps]

Step 2: Add Music to Your Post

To add music to your post, tap on the “Add Music” option.

You will be prompted to search for your desired song. Additionally, you can access Instagram‘s suggested music by visiting the “For You” section.

Instagram posts with music : More engaging [3 Steps]

Step 3: Select Your Desired Music Clip

In this step, you need to choose the desired sound to use in your post. You can consider clips with a duration of 5 to 90 seconds for your post.

Finally, tap on “Done” and then select “Share.” Just like that, you have successfully added music to your Instagram post with ease.


Can I use my music in Instagram posts?

Yes, you can use your music in Instagram posts. You have two options to do so:
Add your desired music from streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music to your post.
Upload your songs directly to the Instagram music library.

What are the benefits of adding music to Instagram posts?

Adding sound and music to your Instagram posts undoubtedly increases the attractiveness of your content and enhances user engagement. As a result, it can gradually help increase your audience and the success of your Instagram page.

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