Threads will not be a rival to X anytime soon

A research institution states that Threads can surpass X, but this is unlikely to happen for several more years.

According to a report by Insider Intelligence, Threads, after experiencing explosive growth, is now struggling to retain its users, and the monthly active user count of this social network will likely be significantly lower than that of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok by the end of the current calendar year. However, Threads still has the opportunity to reach X’s (formerly Twitter) statistics.

CNBC has gained access to Insider Intelligence’s data and reports that the number of active Threads users in the United States will reach 23.7 million by the end of 2023. Meanwhile, it is projected that the number of active Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok users in the United States will be 177.9 million, 135.2 million, and 102.3 million, respectively. I suggest you see the article on What Is The Meta’s Threads Program And How To Use It?

Threads Vs X

Insider Intelligence makes a controversial claim stating that by the end of the current calendar year, the number of active X users in the United States is likely to reach 56.1 million, and the user base of this social network will decline over time. It is predicted that by 2025, X will have 47 million American users. In the same year, the number of American users of Thread is expected to reach 30 million.

The social network Thread quickly gained 100 million active users shortly after its initial release, surpassing ChatGPT’s record. However, the number of Threads users has sharply declined since then. Independent reports from Sensor Tower and SimilarWeb have confirmed this fact.

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