How to get more comments on Instagram?

If you’re not addicted to the Instagram app like us, you’re probably someone who only checks the app every few days. If you open the Instagram app after a few days, you’ll notice that some photos at the top of the page were shared a few minutes ago. The photos at the top of the page are from a few days ago.

Here, you may wonder why the photos posted two days ago are not sorted by time and placed at the beginning of the news feed. In response, Instagram, like any other social network, has recently changed its algorithms and uses a different method for displaying the order of posts.  I suggest you see the article on Instagram Tutorial: From 0 To 100 For Beginners.

In this article, we intend to introduce you to the new Instagram algorithm and tell you how to make your posts appear at the top of other people’s news feeds (that’s Instagram’s exploration!). These methods help your followers (Engagement) engage with your posts. This eventually leads to increased Instagram comments and image likes.

How does the Instagram news feed algorithm work?

Last year, Instagram announced that it intends to change its algorithms and choose a different method for displaying the order of posts, regardless of the time the posts are shared. The new method is that for each user, posts are placed at the top of the news feed that are shared by people who are important to them.

This has made it difficult for social media marketers as users do not notice 70% of news feed content, and users usually ignore the rest of the posts in the news feed after seeing the first few posts. Here is where the phrase Engagement or Engagement comes into play.

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Instagram ranks posts and prioritizes them based on their rank. The number of likes and comments are some of the most important factors that affect a post’s ranking. In general, three factors are considered in ranking posts by the Instagram algorithm:

  • The number of likes and comments on an Instagram post
  • User interactions with your previous posts
  • The time the post is shared

Before we introduce you to the tricks to attract Instagram comments, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

Make your page public

Remember, if you want your posts to be more noticed by others, you need to make your page public so that users can see your photos when they enter your profile. To make the page public, go to Instagram settings, click on the gear icon at the top of your profile, and then click Private Account to uncheck it.

How does the Instagram news feed algorithm work?

Turn on your notifications

Allow Instagram to send you notifications as soon as your photos are liked or commented on. In such cases, you can quickly read other people’s comments, like them, or respond to them. Remember, the more you interact with users, your content will be seen in news feeds.

To do this, you must first go to the settings section and click on Push Notification. Then, specify who you want to receive notifications from.

Create high-quality content

Share high-quality and valuable posts on Instagram because no one likes to comment on boring photos. Therefore, either hire someone to take care of your Instagram content production or use interesting photos and videos to create an attractive profile yourself.

Create an Instagram content calendar.

Try to set a specific time to share your posts. Also, we recommend not publishing more than one or two posts per day. Remember that the time to share a post is one of the important factors in the Instagram algorithm, so do not schedule it so that your photos or videos get lost among others.

Create an Instagram content calendar.

Methods for increasing Instagram comments

1. Hold a contest

One of the fun and easy ways to encourage followers to post comments on Instagram is to design a contest. This way, you directly ask users to comment on you. For example, you can hold a contest for a week and tell your audience to participate in the contest. They must comment under your posts daily or ask them to post a photo themselves and tag your brand. There are many examples of this type of comment on Instagram, and you can get some interesting ideas from them.

2. Outsource your Instagram

In this method, you can give your Instagram account to a colleague or influencer for a period to create interesting and fresh content for you. They should publish their posts from their perspective to attract audiences to your brand. Outsourcing Instagram is usually assigned to three categories of people:

  • A colleague or content creation company
  • An influencer
  • Another organization in your industry

This method will increase the number of Instagram comments you receive, and more users will read your posts. In this way, both the host and the guest benefit from these conditions.

3. Ask users to comment.

One of the simplest ways to increase Instagram comments is to ask your followers to comment. For example, share a photo on Instagram and ask them to share their opinion, mention their friends, or provide a solution to a problem and ask others to share their solutions with you and others.

4. Share a funny or shocking post.

Research has shown that funny posts or posts that evoke users’ emotions are very popular or, in other words, become viral content. Posts that reveal interesting facts are also among the posts that receive a lot of comments.

5. Share videos

The number of people who view videos shared on Instagram has increased by about 40% compared to previous years. As you know, Instagram users can share 1-minute videos.

Videos have a lot of fans and make the audience spend a lot of time with your content. Therefore, share interesting video content and ask users to comment and tag their friends under the video. If 1 minute is not enough to promote a product, you can create a 1-minute demo or preview and share it on Instagram, then place the full video on your Facebook, Telegram, or YouTube account. Then, ask users to visit your other social network to watch the full video.

6. Use relevant hashtags

When you share your content with relevant hashtags on social media, your posts will be displayed in the search tab. Posts with at least one relevant hashtag are 12% more likely to be noticed by others. Influencers and interested users will comment on you when they see that you are also interested in the subject they are interested in.

If you are unfamiliar with hashtags, we recommend reading the article “What is a hashtag and how to use it.” Try to use hashtags that are popular on a specific occasion or industry-related hashtags to attract targeted users to you.

7. Post at the right time

Identifying the right time to share posts is a major concern, and there is still no definitive answer to it because the right time to share posts is unique to each person and depends on the field of activity, followers, and the type of post that is shared.

The best solution is to find the right time to share posts yourself. To do this:

  1. Publish your content experimentally at different times of the day and then monitor the results.
  2. See when your followers respond better to your posts and like or comment on them.
  3. Make a calendar and note that you get better results every day and hour.
  4. From now on, try to post your posts at certain times.

It is better to know that if you convert your Instagram account to a business account, Instagram will provide you with accurate statistics of user activity that can help you schedule posts.

8. Post photos of human faces.

Selfies are very popular and are more suitable for your Instagram strategy. The results of research by Yahoo Labs on over 1 million Instagram posts show that posts with human faces are 32% more likely to get comments and 38% more likely to attract likes. The reason for this is not yet clear, but researchers suspect that the reason is that the human face is a source of non-verbal communication. People like to look at other people’s faces without anxiety and react to them. So, you can post selfies and group photos of yourself and your company’s employees occasionally. In this way, you can consider the reaction of the audience.

9. Post photos of animals

9. Post photos of animals comment

There is not much research to prove the success of this method, but as you know and have seen by now, posting photos of animals on social media is very popular. Of course, we do not recommend doing such a thing for companies and official accounts. However, if you have a personal Instagram page or manage an entertaining or funny page, this method helps you to be seen and increase your Instagram comments.

The key to success in increasing Instagram comments: increasing user engagement

Likes, comments, and video views on Instagram are important for the algorithm and Explore. To succeed on social media, post at the right time, use relevant hashtags, and engage your audience.

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